mark2Why Vida Divina?

Hi, I’m Mark Silveira and I am here to tell you a simple, healthy and efficient way you can make 6 figures a month while making sure you stay healthy and wealthy. With outstanding healthy lifestyle products along with the best compensation plan in the industry coupled with amazing leadership, the Vida Divina business model will make sure you go from a corporate slave to becoming your own boss!

Why Vida Divina?

Are you looking for a way to add an additional income of $500-$1000 quickly and efficiently in your weekly income? Are you someone who is looking to change their health and wealth for the better? Are you someone that would like to go on a vacation and enjoy yourself without worries? Are you someone that want’s to provide more for their family? If the answer to even one of these questions was “Yes” then you are exactly at the right place! You can earn big with Vida Divina’s compensation plan easily and efficiently. The health care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and the demand for health care products is on the rise every day. Vida Divina is not just a line of health care products that are high in demand but also give you the ability to start your own franchise by becoming one of their distributors! By joining the Vida Divina business model you can gain your own financial independence, become your own boss, make decisions for yourself and tap into the lucrative market of health care products.

Best Business Model in the Industry

Vida Divina Business Model was made by no other than Armand Puyolt. Also known as the man that created the #1 Compensation Plan in the Industry of Network Marketing. His last compensation plan gave rise to hundreds of Millionaires and this one is even better! Vida Divina compensation plan was created to cater to a large audience and provide them affordable access to amazing healthy Vida Divina products.

Low Investment High ROI

Vida Divina is the best when it comes to earning a high ROI with a low investment. Vida Divina products are extremely affordable. Vida Divina products can be acquired at the very low price of $40 with retail going up to a 50% Markup!

Vida Divina Largest Inventory of Products

Vida Divina doesn’t just give you a batch of a few products but rather lets you choose from hundreds of various products from various industries that range from healthcare products to awesome beverages to weight loss supplements, sexual enhancers for him and for her and many more!

4 Entry Levels

There are 4 levels of entry that can be customized by your product selection and merchandise of your choice:

  1. $1200 = 40 Products
  2. $600 = 19 Products
  3. $300 = 9 Products
  4. $150 =4 Products

Vida Divina Mortgage Bonuses and Lifestyle Bonuses

Vida Divina provides mind blowing Mortgage Bonuses and Lifestyle Bonuses. Vida Divina Lifestyle Bonus can be used for up to 2 trips per year with anyone you want! Vida DivinaMortgage Bonus can be sued when you reach a certain level you are rewarded a monthly mortgage page depending on your level which is mostly around $1000-$4000 or even higher!

These are but a few benefits of joining the Vida Divina business model. To know more about Vida Divina or to become a part of the Vida Divina family contact us. We are more than willing to help you out in any way we can to ensure your success as a distributor and acquire hundreds of customers.