Why do you want to be a Vida Divina customer?

Vida Divina is a multi-level marketing company that launched officially August 1, 2016. It is inserted in the wellness and health industry. This company owner, Armand Puyolt, is very well known in the network marketing industry. He creates products that the people require in order to live better lives today. These nutrition and health products have the aim of assisting people to truly discover healthy lifestyles as well as financial independence. Their main focus is on a variety of products that we need and are sold at a price that is truly affordable to the masses.

Some of its products range from coffee and teas, prostate health products, cardiac health, sexual enhancement, weight loss and many more awesome products for you. All these products have been tested by a variety of individuals and are effective, and again, at affordable prices to Vida Divina’s customer. Below are some of the products being offered and why you should buy them.

  • Detox tea. In the US and other markets in the world, this tea is a huge seller and will be featured exclusively by Vida Divina. It has many ingredients that help in body detox and significant weight loss.
  • Life capsule for weight loss. These capsules are very safe thus can be used for children also.
  • Electrolyte drinks that are packed with cordyceps, vitamins, gano and chaga. They are available in white, blue, red purple, green and also a version for the children. The children’s version contain smart vitamins which help children focus and also has omega vitamins.
  • Chocolate milk that has 100% chocolate that is organic, over 10 medicinal mushrooms and cinnamon.
  • A sex enhancing gel, Venus, which is pink as it contains pomegranate giving this gel the pink color and the fruity taste, and Mars, which is blue, has blueberry giving it its taste and color. They can be used tropically or sublingually.
  • Whole bean coffee which is organic and is infused with cordyceps, chaga and ganoderma. The company owns the patent of this mushroom bean infused coffee and no other company can sell it.
  • Liquid gold which has a variety of anti-aging oils. This can also be used for your skin care regimen.
  • A nutritional supplement drink that has 33 super foods that are organic and are rich in nutrients for you body.
  • Shakes for mealreplacement that is very rich in chocolate and vitamins.

These are some of the products that Vida Divina has to offer to its customers at extremely affordable prices. All of its products are composed of a natural blend and have unique formulas to enhance the nutrients in your body.


Why is Vida Divina leading in the industry? Its leadership! You should never flinch at an army of lions that is being led by a sheep. What should startle you is an army of sheep with the lion as the leader. Leadership is vital. At Vida Divina, Armand Puyolt the leader is not your ordinary leader.

He has years of exposure and experience in network marketing and direct sales. There is more! Thanks to his remarkable leadership skills, he has been able to mentor and transform the lives of many ambitious young and old individuals. Passion in network marketing and direct sales is his only requirement.

Amazingly, Armand Puyolt believes so much in Vida Divina. He has invested his hard earned cash in it.  33 million to be precise! Simply incredible! You see why you need to join on board and become a customer with Vida Divina?

So, what is Vida Divina all about?

Vida Divina is in the line of nutrition and health products.  So what is the main aim of this company? Why should you want to be a customer? Think about life-changing products, a healthy lifestyle and the best compensation plans in the industry.

Vida Divina understands your needs. Hence the high quality customer oriented products. Some products include skin care products, tea, weight loss products, coffee, cardiac health products, prostrate health products and sexual enhancement products among others. Unbelievably, all quality products sold at Vida Divina are $40 and below. Pocket friendly don’t you agree?

Must try beverages at Vida Divina

Vida Divina has several qualityproducts.  However, the green tea is a must drink. Well, there are several companies with the same product. But Vida Divina has managed to differentiate theirs. The high number of green tea sales at Vida Divina is evident. People cannot have enough of it. Yes, that scrumptious.

Running low on energy, having trouble sleeping or your overall health is depreciating? Worry not! Vida Divina has got you covered. With a power drink packed with 33 different ingredients, your problems are a thing of the past. This is a must try beverage. Your body will forever be grateful. See why you need to be a customer of Vida Divina?